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Important Dates

  • Full paper Submission Deadline :
    14/01/2013  25/01/2013
  • Notification of acceptance :
    25/02/2013 01/03/2013
  • Camera-ready paper :
    11/03/2013 18/03/2013
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11th International Symposium on Programming and Systems
Conference Program
Opening Session
10h30  10h50 Coffee break
10h50  11h50

Invited Talk

Prof. Hossam Hassanein, "Internet of Things – Smarter Solutions, Smarter Spaces"        

(Chair: Prof. Z. Alimazighi)

             Session 1
Model Engineering        (Chair: Prof. M. Boukala)
11h55  12h20 F. Anguel, A. Amirat and N. Bounour
Towards Models and Metamodels Co-Evolution Approach
12h20  12h45 S. Berrani, A. Hammad and H. Hassan
Combining SysML and Modelica to Verify Wireless Sensor Networks Properties
12h45  13h15 F. Kherissi and D. Tamzalit
Extending the RUP for Eliciting Anticipated Evolution 
13h15  14h15 Lunch
14h15  15h15

Invited Talk

Prof. Salima Hassas, "Engineering Self-Organizing Systems : Cognition and emergence of control"      

(Chair: Prof. H. Drias)

15h15  15h35 Coffee break
  Parallel Sessions 
  Session 2A              
Image Processing     (Chair: Prof. S. Larabi)
Session 2B                  
Data Mining     (Chair: Prof. D. Zeggour)
15h40  16h05 A. Benzaoui  and A. Boukrouche
1DLBP and PCA for Face Recognition
A. Ouessai, M. Keche and A. Ouamri
Road Traffic  Congestion Estimation With Macroscopic parameters  
16h05  16h30 M. Benouis, M. Senouci and R. Tlemsani
Face Recognition Approach Based on Two-dimensional Subspace Analysis and PNN
R. Houari, A. Bounceur and T. Kechadi
A New Method for Dimensionality Reduction of Multi-Dimensional Data using Copulas
16h30  16h55 N. Bidi and H. Fizazi
A Combined Approach Using Meta-heuristic and Mathematical Operators for Images Segmentation
Y. Djenouri, H. Drias, Z. Habbas and A. Chemchem
Organizing Association Rules with Meta-Rules Using Knowledge Clustering
16h55  17h20 A. Hassini and A. Belbachir
Hardware and software consideration to use near real time MSG –SEVIRI and NOAA–AVHRR images

Invited Talk

Prof. Yacine Atif, "Towards the Social Web of Things"

(Chair : Prof. M. Ahmed-Nacer)

10h00  10h20 Coffee break
  Session 3A
Security in WSN & VANETs     (Chair : Prof. A. Belkhir)
Session 3B
Fuzzy Computing     (Chair : Prof. Y. Djouadi)
10h25  10h50 K. Mekliche and S. Moussaoui
L-P2DSA: Location-based Privacy-Preserving Detection of Sybil Attacks
F. Bencherif and L. Mouss
Fuzzy Alpha-Cuts to capture Customer Requirements in Improving Product development
10h50  11h15 O. Merad Boudia and M. Feham
SA-SPKC: Secure and efficient Aggregation scheme for wireless sensor networks using Stateful Public Key Cryptography
N. Tamani, L. Lietard and D. Rocacher
Ontology-Based Evaluation of Fuzzy Bipolar Conjunctive Queries over Relational Databases
11h15  11h40 O. Merad Boudia and M. Feham
The impact of ECC's scalar multiplication on wireless sensor networks
S. Boulkrinat, A. Hadjali and A. Mokhtari
Enhancing recommender systems prediction through qualitative preferences relations
  Session 4A
Optimization         (Chair: Y. Atif)
Session 4B
Information Retrieval and Structures  (Chair : Prof. A. Aissani Mokhtari)
11h40  12h05 H. Zarzour and M. Sellami
p2pCoSU: a P2P Sparql/update for collaborative authoring of triple-stores 
S. Brahimi
Top-Sky: Top-Down Algorithm For computing The Skycube
12h05  12h30 M. Lehsaini, M. Feham and C. Tabet Hellel
Improvement of Scalar Multiplication Time for Elliptic Curve Cryptosystems
L. Zerarga and Y. Djouadi
Content-Only Querying Structured Contexts using Formal Concept Analysis
12h30  12h55 A. Bouaziz, A. Draa and S. Chikhi
A Quantum-Inspired Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm for Numerical Optimisation
S. Cherdioui and F. Boubekeur
Information Retrieval Techniques for Knowledge Discovery in Biomedical Literature
13h00  14h15 Lunch
14h15  15h15

Invited Talk

Prof. Masoudi-Nejad, "Systems Biology: Making sense of the Biological systems by Integration of Post-Genomics High-Throughput Data"    

(Chair: Prof. S. Moussaoui)

15h15  15h35 Coffee break
  Session 5A
Systems and Architecture      (Chair: Dr. Maha Saadi)
Session 5B
Computational Intelligence      (Chair:  Prof. T. Tebibel-Bouabana )
15h40  16h05 D. Abdeli, S. Zelit, S. Moussaoui and M. Guerroumi
RTH-MAC: A Real Time Hybrid MAC protocol for WSN
M. Ouis, B. Alshaqaqi, A. Baquhaizel and M. Boumehed
Vision Based System for Driver Drowsiness Detection
16h05  16h30 R. Benosman, K. Barkaoui and Y. Albrieux
Design and Implementation of a Massively Parallel ESB
M. Djehaich, H. Ziane, N. Achour, R. Tiar and N. Ouadah
SLAM-ICP With Boolean Method Applied on a Car-Like Robot
16h30  16h55 P. Olivier, J. Boukhobza and E. Senn
Modeling Driver Level NAND Flash Memory I/O Performance and Power Consumption for Embedded Linux
H. Benhabiles, O. Aubreton, H. Barki and H. Tabia
Fast simplification with sharp feature preserving for 3D point clouds
09h00  10h00

Invited Talk

Dr. Maha Saadi, "From Fundamental Research to Successful Commercialization:  Steps, Risk, and Challenges"             

(Chair: Prof. A. Guessoum)

10h00  11h00

Panel Discussion      

Dr. M. Saadi, Mrs. Z. Derdouri, Miss Bedjaoui, Mr. M. Tihal

11h00  11h30 Coffee break
11h30  12h00 Closing Ceremony and Awards
12h00  13h00 Lunch